20 July 2010

My faves of Olivia

Finished editing the pictures from Miss Olivia's shoot and wanted to share my favorites with you!  Many thanks to her mom for asking me to do these-- I had a blast!

This is a really sweet stray dog that decided that he loved Olivia and wasn't about to go anywhere.

Here he is working hard at not being a stray anymore.  Is he a stray?  Is this your dog?  If so, I'm sure they'd be glad for you to come and take him back home!

I love when kiddos crouch down like this.  Precious.

My, my... look at those eyelashes!


Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site sepfowler.blogspot.com
Is this possible?

fowler said...

Not sure what you mean, and also I'd need to know who you are.

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