23 July 2010

I have no shame. None.

In the past, I've been accused of finding bad pictures of people and posting them on here.

1) I don't intentionally find the worst pictures.
2) Most of my pictures are pretty pleasant to look at.
3) I don't discriminate.

And this is my 2nd post proving #3 true.  It also hurts the pleasant to unpleasant ratio in #2.

One of my favorite pictures from childhood (and boy, there are a ton!  First girl + new camera = a zillion pictures and resentment from my siblings) is my first day of school.  I had my "The Little Mermaid" bookbag, my legging shorts with splashes of color and lace at the bottom, and color-coordinating shirt.

My sister was a few years younger so mom made up another bag to be her "bookbag."

Here is that picture.  I may not be as adorable as the other kids in my family, but I love this picture.

But that doesn't prove #3 to be true.  When I took this picture out of the frame, I found and old picture that I was sure I had destroyed:

Ahhhhh!!!!  This is at my oldest brother's wedding and I'm on the left.  The one with the... hair.  It involved tiny bits of toilet paper and about 3 hours of sitting still.

And let it be known on the record that I knew exactly how hideous my hair was that day.

At the next wedding, I wore my hair in a french braid.  Which was only slightly better.

So that's why I was never cool in school.

1 comment:

Carrie Hall said...


Little do you know, that you were ALWAYS cool in school--to us (your friends) :) Luv ya!


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