23 July 2010

Fix-It Friday's with I Heart Faces

I really love Fix-It Fridays with I Heart Faces!  Editing skills is something I've really been working on.  So much depends on the original shot, and yet so much can depend on the editing, too.  It's what can take a picture from good to great.

I used picnik to edit these.  Bear with me as I'm learning layers and textures.

Original (provided by I Heart Faces):

Edit #1: Lowered the exposure, boosted the color, and added a little 'bloom' action (just a teeny tiny bit!).

Edit #2: I'm learning textures.  This is in no way how I want it, but it's getting there!  Tips?

By the way, I love and appreciate all your comments with tips on how to enhance my editing skills.  It's one of the ways I get better!

Now head over here to see the others!


posted by lori said...
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Samantha said...

I think the coloring of the fist edit is really nice.
Texture on the 2nd edit is a great idea, but I agree that I would take it off the subjects. I'm to chicken to try textures yet, so kudos to you. :)

Chera said...

I don't know how to take the texture of the subjects in picnik, don't know if you can, but I think it looks great, very vintage!

Shawntae said...

Thank you for your lovely comment.:)

I like your first edit the best. I love to play with textures and I've in no way perfected them, but I will agree with the others to take it off the subjects. I used to use picnik but moved onto GIMP because the setup and and tools are similar to photoshop which I hope to have one day.:) I highly suggest downloading and playing with it as it's 100% free.. no locks on the cool tools and such.:) I also suggest watching YOUTUBE tutorials on the program if you do decide to download it. Have a beautiful weekend.:)

Amanda said...

You're off to a good start! When I first started learning PSE last year, my edits were NOT good. LOL

If you are using PSE or PS, after adding the texture, take a soft eraser brush set to like 30% opacity and erase off of the subjects. Also, make sure you change the blend mode of the layer from normal to overlay or soft light, then lower the layer opacity to suit.

Nice job, though! Better than many who have been using PS or PSE longer.

Courtney K. said...

I think the texture one looks great, but I agree to try to take it off of the face a little bit. Otherwise, the edits look great!

Misty said...

Thank you for the comment!

You've done some very nice edits! I know zero about Picnik, but you've used it well.

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