23 July 2010

Fun things.

I like fun things.  Do you?

Gotcha... you had no choice but to say yes!

Sometimes, though, "fun" can be considered redneck.  Now, I'm not exactly what most would consider "redneck," but these are some things from the wedding reception last weekend that just make me grin from ear to ear.

They had 2 receptions.  One traditional reception after the ceremony with family and cake and all that fun stuff.  Then the rest of us headed out the the cabin to go camping, and they had these fun cupcakes waiting!

And in the midst of the crowd, the bride's dress got ripped and the bustle was no longer a bustle.  What to do in a pinch?

I file that under "awesome" in my book because I think I might have been a little upset if my dress got ruined.  She just carried right on!

And because we were way past the middle of nowhere, everything was running on well water.  Wells can only handle so much before they revolt.  So to cut down on any potential problems, someone put up this nifty sign halfway through the evening.

Remember... we were well past the middle of nowhere, so this was perfectly acceptable.

And the next morning I was attempting to take pictures in the blazing sunlight and Charlie (the groom) popped in for a bit!

I would have loved to practice using fill flash at this point, but for some reason he didn't want to stick it head over the railing like that while I played with my camera.

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