22 July 2010

Here's your sign.

Got this in the mail the other day.

Notice anything... odd?



I'm waiting...


They mailed this letter to us.  At our house.

Here's your sign.

I really do have to wonder who wrote this and what they thought about as they wrote it.  Was it one of those things that your boss tells you to do, and even though you know it's ridiculous, you do it anyway?  Was the person mad at their boss and doing whatever was fastest to say they had done something to try and get our correct address (which they already had, because the letter was addressed to us at our current address).

So tell me, 'cause I'm dying to know... what other things like this have you gotten?  Or... gasp... done yourself?

Now carry on with your day... hope you feel better about... your life!

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

Hahahahaha...this was hilarious and I needed that laugh. Wow! Stupidity in its greatest form lol.

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