23 July 2010

Flashback Friday

I just discovered Flashback Fridays and since I love memories, I couldn't help but join in!

I think I'll just include all the memories I have that are in this shot:

  • spending time with my niece
  • living in NC with my family
  • long hair!
  • that shirt... I never had the arms for it.  :)
  • that rectangle necklace.  I wore that every day until it started to discolor (which wasn't long bc it was cheap!)
  • my niece's shirt-- she made it at VBS that year.
  • the black car in the background.  It was my first car... and I still drive it everyday!
  • the white truck in the background... my dad's old truck, which backed into my car one day.
  • the side ponytail was a result of hating my hair.  No matter how I fixed it, I didn't think it looked good.  So if it's going to look dumb, then go all the way, right?
  • my niece's side ponytail is on the otherside-- I promise she had one too!
  • to this day, my niece finds it nearly impossible to look at the camera and just smile pretty.  :)  Here is a picture from last weekend as proof:

She is actually a beautiful girl... she just doesn't like the camera!

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Tiffany said...

That hairstyle was hot and you know it! :-p

Christopher And Tia said...

(welcome to flashback friday!!!)

YES! Side ponytails! Before I cut all of my daughters hair off, she'd rock the side ponytail constantly. It looks so much cuter on her than it ever did on me, though, haha.

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