04 June 2010


I want a white bedspread.

I've wanted a white bedspread since I started looking at all those wedding magazines, which lead to home magazines, which only have white bedspreads.

They're so crisp and clean.

Even if it's not always a comforter or quilt.  It's just the look of it that I love.

Only one problem.  I have dogs.  And a cat.  And I don't ever plan to not have animals.  And then there will be children.  Not to mention... I like to take my showers in the morning.  And, quite frankly, white sheets and bedspread (because I would have to have white sheets, too) don't lend themselves to dirty bodies laying on them all night.


Did you hear that?  That was my dogs jumping up on the bed after sprinting across the house.

So what's your 'thing'?  The thing that you would have if life didn't stand in the way?


Kristie Easler said...

Ohhh, I love the fourth headboard...super cuteness! :) Yea, life would mess up the white! I couldn't do it either! By the way I love your blog!

fowler said...

Thanks! I totally enjoy writing this blog, and it makes me happy that people read it! I think the 4th is my favorite, too. This weekend there's going to be a post on DIY headboards-- you'll love it!

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