03 June 2010

Kids. Parents. Church.

"You want to make sure that your kids walk away from God later in life?  Force them to go to a church you secretly wish you didn't have to go to"

I wish I knew exactly where I heard that quote from.  I thought it was from Perry Noble, but Josh said it was from the New Members class at Newspring Greenville, which would have made it Howard Frist.  But he also claims it could have originated from Andy Stanley.  So... if you know who said it, I'd love to credit them directly.

At any rate, it's an awesome thought.  And totally true for me.  

Since Josh and I got married, we've always made church a priority.

That's not to say your kid will be destined to enjoy the same style of worship.  I love mega-churches and everything that comes with them.  My dad... not so much.

What's your take?

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