22 June 2010

What's in a name?

Here's an interesting article.  It's short in itself, but the short of it is that in a UK poll of 3,000 British parents, 1 in 5 regretted the name they chose for their child.

Okay, so surveying 3,000 people isn't the most official poll.  And it was done in the UK.  Who knows what they're naming their kids over there?  But it's still interesting.

I say that because weird names are another one of my pet peeves.  If a name is hard to pronounce correctly, or easily misspelled, then it can be tough on a kid (and when they're an adult, too).

Have I mentioned that I love thinking about names?

My name is easy.  Susan.  It's right up there with Mary or Jennifer.  Not hard to spell.

And I hated my name until I got to college.  "That's my mom's name!"  I hated hearing that.  "I have an Aunt Susan!"  That too.

But now I'm so thankful for my name.  It could have been much, much worse.  At least mine is easy to spell and hard to mispronounce.

Unique names are really cool, but when it's hard to pronounce or spell them correctly, that's got to be annoying.

Your thoughts?

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