09 May 2010

What's in a Name?

Josh and I want nine curly haired blond headed kids.

Give or take a few.

Just not yet.

Oh, and they probably will have thin, straight, brown hair.  But one can hope, right?

But that doesn't mean that we haven't though of names for them... in detail.

Which brings me to my point... what's in a name?  I imagine some name choices go down like this:

Doctor: "Congrats!  It's a girl!  What's her name?"
Mom: "Name?  Uhhh.....  for my kid? ...  How about... Jesicca? J-E-S-I-C-C-A."
Doctor: "Ooookkkaaayyyy..."
You've met those kids as they grow up.  They're the ones that go by their middle name, which is something like 'Mahlika.'

And then there's the names that I probably shouldn't mention on my blog, but I will anyway.  There is at least one person in the world with each of these names.  I couldn't make them up.

Placenta.  (How pretty!)
Pajama.  (PA-juh-muh)
Shithead. (shi-thead)
Nosmo.  (Last name: King.  Nosmo King... Nosmoking... No Smoking)
Twins: Nova & Candy  (Last name: Cane)


Josh and I have considered a lot as we name our non-existant-yet children.  We liked Everett Lee Fowler, but his initials would be ELF.  Can't really monogram anything there.  Ever.

Here's the names we have picked out.  I'm a planner, can you tell?  Note: These will likely change because, well because they're not on a birth certificate yet!  Nothing is ever set in stone until then.


Madison Elizabeth (Josh loves the name Madison, and Elizabeth is my middle name)
--meaning: Madison: son of Matthew, which means God's gift; Elizabeth: consecrated to God

Julianna Katelynn (This is my favorite!  My mom's middle name is Anne; Mother-in-law's middle name is Lynn.)
--meaning: Julianna: youthful & gracious; Katelynn: pure & pretty one


Winston Lee (Winston is Josh's middle name; Lee is a family name of mine- Dad & brother & cousin's & grandfather's middle names)
--meaning: Winston: victory town; Lee: sheltered from the storm

Everett Pressley (We wanted to honor Josh's grandfather because he was a huge impact on his life, but weren't in love with any of the names directly from him.  But he taught Josh how to play piano on an Everett piano.  Bingo-- we love it!  Pressley is my maiden name.  I'm not really sure if I like it as a middle name.  Don't want the poor kid to get made fun of at school.  Makes a fine last name, but not sure about middle name.)
--meaning: Everett: strong; Pressley: can't find a meaning- it's a last name!

Brooks  (I can't remember the middle name we like with that.  But it was my great-grandmother's maiden name.  She died last year and I think it's a rockin' name!  I didn't realize that anyone else had named their kids that until I started searching around.  I still love it!)
--meaning: Brooks: a stream

What did you name your kids (& why)?  Or, if you don't have any yet, what do you want to name them?


TFowler said...

We named our middle son Lee Everett Fowler - no kidding! And about that monogram thing - the "F" goes in the middle, so no worries about ELF.

natalie tate said...

i like kayelee because kaye is my middle name and lee is my brothers middle name. i also like lilian mary-mae, dustin likes lilian and mary was my grandmothers name and mae is his grandmothers middle name! as far as boys...well lets just hope for a girl first we have not decided about that yet!

fowler said...

Wow-- Lee is a very popular name! I never realized it! I actually like Lee Everett better, but I know Josh would never go for it because Everett means so much to him, with his grandfather and all. And I refuse to call my kid by their middle name!

Natalie, I love all of those names! I think it makes it so cool when they all have so much meaning, too!

AnniePressley said...

I vote Everett! I loooooove it! If I ever have kids, and specifically a female, her name will probably be Kennedy.

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