27 June 2010

Wedding memories continued.

More fun going through the wedding box.  It seems that I saved a little of everything!  It all fits in the box, though, so it's not taking up tons of space.

Here is the newspaper clipping from our engagement. 

And the invitation.  Sorry for the poor photo quality.  I didn't make these-- I ordered them from Rexcraft.  Great price and I was happy with the quality and turn around time.

And we saved two guestbooks (from showers and the wedding).

And we tucked these in with the invites-- Directions, as well as RSVP postcards.

Yikes... I just couldn't get the color right on these napkins.  In real life, it's a bold pink color.  I got these off of ebay-- super happy with them!

And the infamous Life Advice cards.  These were on the tables at our reception.  I wasn't thinking and had them make on glossy paper.  For future reference, it's nearly impossible to write with a ballpoint pen (or even a marker) on glossy paper.  Most ended up writing on the back, which was plain paper.

Not sure why or how this got in there, but I've had this forever.  Thought I'd include it for fun!

I'll add some of the "Life Advice" cards on here later-- some are sweet, some are hilarious-- we've enjoyed looking back on them!

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