27 June 2010

Date night... part two.

If you haven't read part one, you really aren't missing much.  But if you want to read it, just click right here.

Where was I?  Oh yes... the gloriousness that is Barnes and Noble.

Allow me to let you in on my life (heh).  I am a book nerd.  Me walking into Barnes and Noble is like my dad walking into Bass Pro Shop.  My face lights up, and I feel the need to look at every single title.  Every single section. 

I was that kid who read books at lunch in elementary school.  When you're in the middle of a really great book, sometimes you just can't wait for the end of the day to come so you can read.  You have to squeeze it in at lunchtime.  

But don't worry.  I had friends, too.  We all brought our books and read them together.

Hmmm... that doesn't really sound convincing of my social life back then, huh?  How about this.  I was a part of an exclusive club in the 5th grade.  It was called JESCA.  How on earth do I remember this???  JESCA stood for Jessica, Erin, Susan, Cheyenne, and Amy.

See?  I was a totally normal, well adjusted 5th grader who read books at lunch.

I digress.  Back to the bookstore.

I remembered that I needed had been looking for a new book of Sudoku.  After all, I'd worked through all the easy and medium ones in my old book.  And who really wants to do the hard ones?

One of my favorite sections: puzzles, brain teasers, and funny stuff!

And I love browsing the discount section.  All sorts of fun stuff!

Like this.  My first thought when I saw this?  "Daddy would love this!" He's not really the 'make your own' type, but this odd little creatures are something he would totally pick up and say, "This is cool!"

Yes... the same dad that adores Bass Pro Shop.

Then there are little gems like these.  Funny little books that make you want to open them to see what on earth they're even about!

I agree, but I never thought to write a book about it...

And for the forever fan... the local Monopoly games.  I've learned that these two are such big rivals that they probably shouldn't be on the same stand.

What's your favorite store?

Which store send you into giddy oblivion to a point where you could stay for hours and skip all your meals that day and never notice?

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