26 June 2010

Date night... part one.

Before Josh and I were married, we asked everyone for advice.  We knew that we were up against a lot of odds in order to have a successful marriage, so we faced it head on.  What makes a marriage work?  What makes a marriage fail?  What helps?  What hurts?  And even if it meant uncomfortable conversations, we welcomed it.  After all, I'd much rather have a really uncomfortable conversation rather than a divorce.

We even had advice cards on the tables at our wedding reception for people to write on.  I'll share those with you on another day.  I promise.

One thing that everyone said was a must have for marriage was a date night.  So if you're married and not having a date night, get one.  It's fun.  It's an escape.  It can be cheap.  Or free.  It doesn't have to be every week (although it's nice if it is). The bottom line, is just do it.  Get out of the house.  Take a walk.  Get some ice cream.

Date night last week started with planning on going on a date.  Then I decided to take full advantage and beg suggest that we go to Cold Stone Creamery.


There was also a band playing out on the patio.  It was very eclectic.  Very Asheville.  But it wasn't Asheville.  So we got our ice cream in the lovely air conditioning and promptly headed out to the boiling heat on the patio.

Perhaps we were sweating, but it was so fun to have nothing on our agenda.

Then there was this glorious brick walkway that took us all the way across the parking lot, directly to Barnes and Noble.

To be continued...

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