20 June 2010

To all the Fathers

I've thought and thought about how to approach this.  Sunday is Father's day.  For me, it's a great holiday.  I have a father.  He's married to my mother.  There are 5 kids and 3 grandkids involved.  There's a lot to celebrate for Father's day!

But I know that's not the case for everyone.  Same goes for Mother's day.  Some have more than one mom.  Some have many women who have been like a mother.  And still, others may feel completely alone on that day.  For whatever reason, abandonment has been an issue, or their mother has already passed on, and it's a difficult thing to be reminded of.

And Father's day can be rough for fathers, too.  Some have lost children, some don't have contact with their children, and some may have wanted children, but were never able to have any.

But then there is the happier side as well.  The men who have gone over and beyond to be a father to someone.  Foster fathers.  Mentors.  Step-dads.  Grandfathers who have stepped in in place of a dad.

I'm sure you know someone who is in one of those difficult places.  As we celebrate today with our fathers, please speak a kind word, or text message, or even a facebook message, to let them know that you are thinking of them.  They will appreciate it more than you'll ever know.  Because whether their father passed away 40 years ago, or if they lost a baby 10 months ago, they are thinking about it the entire day.

Whew... that was kinda serious.  But I felt like I needed to remind myself of it.  I'm so blessed in life, and it's hard to think about things like that, but it's important to remember that everyday, there are hurting people that I come into contact with.  People that just need a kind word, a hug, or a smile.

Now... my dad.

He's a cool guy.  Loves banjo, loves his dog, and loves his grandbabies.

With his youngest grandbaby, Rylie.  (photo by: Blue Frame Photography)

Mom & Dad  (photo by: Blue Frame Photography)

He loves weird art...

... and he has his moments...

He loves his dogs...

... but this one, Taz, was his all time favorite.  (Taz is my dog, Jigsaw's, dad)

He owns a construction company.

and shares ownership of Kitchen Decor (shameless plug), and is a twin!  (my dad is the one without a beard)

... and loves to play banjo.

Happy Father's Day! 

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