20 June 2010

Green beans.

It's a little known fact, but I don't eat green beans.  It's not that they taste terrible.  They're actually quite tasty.

But when I was little, I'm pretty sure I had them at least once a day for, oh, say 3 years.

That may or may not be an exaggeration.  It very well may not be.

Okay, 6 days out of the week.  That's probably more like it.

So I got a little foundered on them.  My dad had a garden while I was growing up, and green beans grew really well one year.

When they were picked, we had 5 gallon buckets full of them and the whole family would sit on the porch and string the green beans.

But my little sister?  Perhaps she was too young for this task.  Somehow, miraculously, she would break the ends off, but not actually string the beans.  Now, if you've ever been in this position, it's nearly impossible to do this.  Once you break off the ends, the string just naturally come off.  It's like trying to snap the end off of a banana without peeling it.  Practically impossible.

So, on top of eating green beans nearly everyday, every now and then one would have strings in it.  And it's like throwing a real string into any food you eat.  Disgusting.

Yup.  I don't eat green beans.
So what's your food that you hate to eat, and why?

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