11 May 2010

I'm a Little Teapot

I know it's weird, but this is awesome as well.  It brings a lot of questions to mind, like:  What, exactly, does this artist look like?  What went through their head as they were creating this?  Did they have the complete idea before they started, or did it just kind of end up like this?

This teapot represents my family.

Bear with me.

My siblings are thinking, WHAT?!

My family is pretty hard to put into words.  I've tried it many times with no success.

There are 7 of us.  Mom, dad, 3 boys, 2 girls.  Within that mix we have 7 completely different, yet all similar personalities.  We love and hate what each other do.  We can sweep just about anything under the rug.  Literally.  We're not clean freaks.  Not a single one of us.  Some are musical, some love to hunt.  To my knowledge, none of us have seen the movie Bambi.   We love unique things.

Like the teapot.  And everything else in that store.  Here's the website.

If you can imagine 7 people who like just about everything on that website, then that's my family.

My dad fell in love with this guy.

He wanted to buy it for Rylie's room, but got one of these instead:

And this.  My dad wants this.

Mainly because it will go with his other one:

This is the art we love.

Mainly because we're all a little off balance.

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