30 June 2010

Family photo shoot.

Here's another of my favorites from the photo shoot.

This is the whole brood.  My parents are on the top left, my paternal grandparents on the top right.

The red head on the left middle holding a baby is my oldest brother, his youngest child, and his 10 year old next to him.

The couple with the baby next to him is my 2nd oldest brother and his wife and 3 month old daughter.

Bottom left is my 3rd oldest brother and his girlfriend.

Then there's me and Josh.  And on the bottom right is my little sister, the baby of the family.

Yes.  I got the short gene.  Which apparently came from my grandmother.

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LovelyBee said...

Hi Fowler! Your family all looks lovely; you're quite the bunch :)

Thanks for Stopping by my blog; I really like yours and I'm following you now! Can't wait to read more about you! :)

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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