30 June 2010

Money Tip #4

Get rid of it.  You want to get rid of debt?  Clean out your life.

Clean out that junk drawer.  Don't try to reorganize it.  The stuff you haven't used, or if it's been in there for a year or so and you don't even know what random piece goes with what... just toss it.

If you have books that you haven't read in years and know you'll never read again.  Give them away.  Or have a yard sale.

Don't focus so much on reorganizing (read the titles I grouped together on the bookshelf above), as it can get overwhelming.  Just get rid of the junk.

Yard sale.  Goodwill.  Trash.

Just get rid of it.

You will thank yourself for it.  When you can breathe.

It also makes it much easier to clean! 

And... you'll realize that you don't miss it.  That you didn't use it anyway.  And you won't need anything in it's place, because it's nice to have some extra space every now and then.

At least it's that way for me!


And this is an extreme sidenote, can you find the dirty word in the pictures above?  Think "dirty" by a 2nd graders standards.  :)


Carina the Blogarina said...

I spy with my little eye an ASS lol.. This is great! I looks really good!!

Elizabeth Rogers said...

So Barron and I did this just last week! We had our first two day yard sale and made $400!! Woohoo! It will be going on a bill and towards our debt payoff program!

Anonymous said...

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