29 June 2010

DIY wedding programs.

It's wedding season, and as I was looking through our wedding memory box, I was reminded of how much heart and soul I put into nearly every detail.  Here are the programs that I my family handmade.  300 of them.

I made the layout in a simple word processor, using half pages.

We didn't have chicken pox... it's paper with flower petals in it or something like that.

These were two of my favorite pictures at the time.  Truthfully, I love photos, and I wanted to share them.

See the 'We love you?'  That was a formatting mistake on my part.

This wasn't necessary (nothing in this program was), but it was a way to share parts of our love story with our friends and family.

Yup.  There were a lot of them.  And Josh had one more groomsman than I had bridesmaid.  Although I love even numbers, this worked out perfectly.

A good way to remember those special to us that have already passed on.  At the bottom of this page is where it was supposed to say, "We love you."

We love our families and were excited to have them as a part of our special day, so we wanted to mention them in the program.

Of course we had a lot of musicians at our wedding... I married Josh!

This is a picture from one of our first dates.

A thank you to our family a friends.

The chorus from a song Josh wrote for me.  He had sung it to me many times while we were dating, and then sang it and played it on the piano right before proposing!

Directions to the reception, and our new address.

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Carina the Blogarina said...

This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing, something to keep in mind if the boyfriend ever gets around to proposing ;) What's the mistake on the We love you? I don't get it...

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