22 June 2010

Every journey starts with just one step.

I had the pleasure of taking some engagement pictures for this lovely couple over the weekend!  It was my first real photo session like this, and boy was I ever nervous!  Thankfully, I've known Charlie & Krissy for a very long time.  I remember Krissy from elementary school, and Charlie has been friends with my brothers for as long as I remember.  They were also our neighbors for the first 2 years when Josh was married.


Overall, I'm happy with how it went as a first shoot.  It gives me a starting point, and now I can see where I'm at, and get better!  There is definitely a lot I have to learn!









I would love your input, whether you're a professional photographer, or just enjoy looking at pictures!

Also, which one is your fave?


Rena said...

I like all of them. You can see the twinkle in Charlie's eyes and that is good. I think his visor (because of the shadow that it makes on his face)would make it hard to get a good engagement picture in the newspaper. I am not a professional so it is just an opinion. Rena'

fowler said...

Thanks, Rena! The visor was definitely tricky. I knew better than to ask him to take it off, and I wanted to stay true to his personality. But I'm learning, and that's what it's all about at this stage!

And thank you for your opinion! At this stage in the game, I need all the advice I can get!

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