07 June 2010

Clayton King spoke yesterday at church.  Turns out, he's the teaching pastor at Newspring (my church)!  That was exciting to me because I first met him when Josh and I started dating.  He would preach at Biltmore Baptist every now and then at the service where Josh led worship.

He spoke about family.  Here's the (really) short of it:

1) Husbands are thermostats (they set the temperature for the family)

2) Wives are thermometers (they tell the temperature for the family)

3) Children are mirrors (they reflect the parents.

In other words... husbands set the tone for the family... and wives generally play off of that.  And the kids? They tend to be exact copies of what the parents are.

You know... like that perpetually screaming kid in the grocery store.

And also that little angel of a child that we all love at the playground.

They are all a mirror of their parents.

So men, Clayton will be the first to tell you that you have a lot of responsibility.  Think this all sounds crazy?  I'll post a link when it becomes available online.

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