07 June 2010

Family photo shoot.

Ever tried to get 15 people (12 adults, one 10 year old, and 2 babies) in one place at the same time, wearing complementing colors, and smiling at the same camera?

If your answer is yes (or you've planned a similar situation), then you know how my stomach was in knots today.  I wasn't even this nervous about my wedding!

For my wedding: bride (me), groom (Josh), preacher, and a marriage certificate.  As long as the certificate was signed by the end of it and no one died, I would have counted it as a success.  Everything else was just details.  The reception didn't have to be wonderful... it just had to exist.  Everyone didn't have to show up... just enough people to make it look like I have friends.  :)  And my family took up half the church, so I knew we were good there.

But for this photoshoot?  Everyone in my family had to be in the same place at the same time wearing a mixture of blue, white, and khaki.

And they did.

And they were.

But that wasn't even the biggest thing.  The biggest thing... I couldn't even think about.

Couldn't even bear (bare?) the thought of it.

As we were driving to the shoot, Josh said, "So, Susan, I know since you plan and think through every little detail of everything, I'm sure you have a back-up plan for rain.  What is it?"

"Josh, it's not going to rain."

"But there are clouds in the sky coming towards us... and they're pretty dark... and it's rained every day this week... and they're calling for rain tonight."

"It's not going to rain.  I talked with God, and He said He wouldn't do that to me."

**sidenote:  I did talk to God.  I asked... begged... for it to not rain.  But God didn't exactly give me an audible answer back.  He didn't promise me anything.  And if it had rained, it certainly wouldn't have meant that He didn't love me.**


it didn't rain!  Nope!  Not until the last 15 minutes, when we were walking to our cars anyway!

You see... we thought an hour and a half would barely be enough time for all the shots we planned on taking.  There were 15 people and we wanted group shots, sibling shots, sub-family shots.  We figured we'd be doing good just to squeeze it all in!  But most all of them were done in 45 minutes!  So we spent the next 30 goofing off and taking extra, random pictures (all the girls!  all the guys!  4 generations!).  Carrie & Frank (the photographers) were willing to take pictures right up until the last second, but we were so totally satisfied with what was already taken, we decided just to head on home.

You can check out the sneak peek Carrie posted (already!) on their blog.  The one of my grandparents is hands-down my favorite so far.  And that's saying a lot because... well... look at the others!  They're all really fabulous!!

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