01 May 2010

Bring on the Embarrassment!

When I texted my family about the photo shoot the results were... hilarious.  Not a single guy responded.  But all the women did.  How funny is that?

At any rate, I thought I'd save them the trouble of digging through old photos.  It's the least I can do after posting those others.

This is college.  I was a plant in a play.  And yes, that is a question mark painted on my shirt with purple glitter puff paint.  Why do you ask?

Wanna add insult to injury?  We performed the play on the UC Lawn.  Smack dab in the middle of campus.  At noon.

It's why I moved off campus after this semester.

Not really.

I got married.

Yep, he still married me, even after this picture was taken.  He was smitten.

I was, am, too!

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