25 April 2010

A sad glance back.

Public Service Announcement:

Susan will not be eating again for... oh... awhile. Mealtime will be replaced with working out. Obsessively.

**I'm lying... I love food too much**

**And I hate working out**

I realize I'm not grossly obese, or even a little obese, but I am... curvy.

I found some pictures from 2004. Okay, so I know I'd just graduated high school, and that body is a cruel joke to look back on for the rest of your life, but bear with me.

Heh, well I guess no matter what size I am, my arms will always be disproportionately larger...

Also keep in mind that I'm a fixer. Even if I worked my butt off and was this size again, I would still want to work on my arms more, and be more toned. It's just me.

And my butt. It's on the same wavelength as my arms. Always a little bigger than my proportions let on. And my cheeks. Those things are here to stay.

And I thought I was chunky in 2004. Ha!

Dear Abs,

I miss you.

Love, Susan

**This makes quite a fine follow-up to the funnel cake post, eh?**


Erin said...

You are a lovely girl and I hope you know that! Bodies change and although it can be a frustrating image to look back on, it's OK! You're beautiful- from the earlier pictures to today.

Tiffany said...

Susan, you look great! And really, have a baby and then you look back at yourself now and go oh wow I did look good! lol

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