09 February 2010

Sunday was a big day at Relate! Josh preached a sermon for the first time in his life. I hesitate to call it preaching because it was really a conversation with each person in the audience. Josh is a really awesome communicator! It was hard to get a shot, but this was the best I could do with the lighting, distance, and cheap camera. :)

My parents came to Relate to visit and hear Josh preach. I was so excited! Can you tell? My camera was acting up, so we were laughing hard during this pic, and my dad was mid-blink.

Dear picnik.com -- I love your prices, and the airbrush feature!

Again, I love the airbrush feature! Also, I love Rebekah Blaylock, my hairstylist! She is to thank for both of our awesome hairstyles! She lives in Canton, NC if you're interested.

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