06 February 2010

This is the coolest thing EVER, IMO. I've been looking for a ministry or organization that I can really support and I found this one. I'm all about saving as much money as possible, and I really feel that necessities are met to the highest extent with this one. In other words, I feel like it's the biggest bang for my buck. That's really important to me at this point in my life because I have so little to give.

I found this organization quite on accident, through this website (which is really hilarious all on its own).

At any rate, I introduce Free Wheel Chair Mission. Here's the info on their website, because they say it much better than I can:

The FWM wheelchair was a child of necessity, conceived in compassion and born of ingenuity. On that life-changing trip to Morocco, Dr. Don Schoendorfer saw the need, heard the call, and set out to develop a durable, safe, inexpensive wheelchair. A mechanical engineer and inventor by trade, Don’s goal was to come up with a most basic design at an extremely low cost so as to reach as many disabled impoverished people as could be served in the shortest possible amount of time.

Rather than starting with custom-made components, Don put together a wheelchair using elements already in existence, ingredients currently in manufacture, and parts already being produced, all preferably in high volume – by using this approach, he was able to generate an extraordinarily low cost in gathering wheelchair components.

Don studied a variety of traditional wheelchairs and engineered out every extra feature possible, keeping his focus on making the FWM design as simple as possible.Don wanted no bells and whistles, but just a simple chair to lift a disabled person up off the ground and provide mobility – to give wheels to someone who would not otherwise be able to afford such a gift.

And he wanted to make lots of them…twenty million, to be exact.

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