15 December 2009

The Duggars

Last month I got to meet the intriguing Duggar family or 18 Kids & Counting. I was very impressed. I was at the end of a long book signing line, and they treated Josh & me like we were the only people there. They chatted with us, and as we went down the line, the kids were extremely conversational. I think we've all seen the anti-social homeschool kids that can't relate to the real world... this was NOT the case with this family. They were chatting it up with us about Atlanta, their travels, etc.

Today I saw that their 19th child was born by emergency c-section at 25 weeks, weighing 1 lb 6 oz. Remember Sunaura, my darling niece who was born WAY too early? She was born at 29 weeks, and weighed 2 lbs 11 oz. That's a full month later, and Kyah wasn't strong enough to make it even then.

Please say a prayer for little Josie Duggar. Pray that God has His hand on her. It's a wonderful feeling to know that no matter what happens, the Duggars will give glory to God and be an amazing witness through it all. They are certainly a special family with a special blessing from God.

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