13 December 2009

Weekend Fun!

Went to Atlanta this weekend and had a blast! Here's the short:

Cookie & Ornament Exchange with the women in Josh's family & got this cute reindeer ornament (on the left):
The lady bought it from St. Jude's, and all proceeds go there. This is a great idea for Christmas gifts and serves a good cause.

Ikea. We wanted a bookshelf, china cabinet, and dresser. The china cabinet we weren't sure about, but wanted some way to display the china. We found this bookshelf that will do both!
The actual bookshelf we bought is 2 foot taller than this one, and has an extra shelf on it. Overall it's 7 feet tall! It was only $70

We also found these cute end tables for our bedroom- $7.99 each!
Then we found these placemats to put our dog & cat food bowls on. They're see through, and it looks really cool when on the ground with the black bowls on it. $1.99 for a set of 4.
We also got this chest of drawers for $60!We also got the black food bowls for our pets, which I couldn't find a picture of, and some other odds & ends.

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