16 December 2009

My house is starting to look like a home (and a spiffy one at that!), but I just realized that Christmas is 9 days away!

I have 1 ornament on my tree, 0 presents wrapped underneath, and 0 Christmas decorations out! I have some work to do tonight...


And an update about the Duggar family. I read on ABCnew.com today that little Josie is taking breastmilk now. Kind of confusing for me because with Sunaura, they had her on a feeding tube until 32 weeks, which was when they said a baby's body develops the ability to do all the functions simultaneously for nursing (sucking, digesting, etc.). BUT, I don't know all about that stuff, so maybe that means they're putting breast milk in the feeding tube? I dunno. It just sounds like good news!

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