13 January 2014

Pink Chevron Baby Shower


One of the most exciting things about buying a house was the potential to have guests over.  In fact, it was one of the biggest driving forces in buying a house.  Crazy, right?  But we love to have guests over, so I was excited to host a shower for one of my best friends.  She loves chevron, and is super excited about having her first girl, so it was a natural choice to play off of pink chevron!

We were lucky enough to have three hostesses to work together.  We divided things up to play off of each of our strong points.  In other words, I didn't touch any food!  :)  We each dabbled in the other categories a bit as needed and it worked really well.

I focused on decorations & games, which made great use of Photoshop & my printer!  I also did the favors.  I wanted to do something other than candy, and I think everyone enjoyed picking out which fingernail polish color they wanted.  I got the idea here.  I used frames that were already in my house & just changed out the pictures for chevron prints that I made.  The invitation is the only thing that I didn't create.  I found the FREE printable here.

Since the guests were from two different groups (church & work) we gave them some coloring pages as soon as they arrived.  All the pages fit together to make an ABC book for the new baby-- a memento from the shower.  It was a great way to get everyone involved right off the bat! There were lots of coloring pages on Pinterest but I went with these.  It was a LOT of work to color, but it looks really cool afterwards!

One of our friends makes delicious & gorgeous cakes, so we asked her if she didn't mind to make a cake.  In true fashion, she went all out.  Look how cute these cake jars are!  And it was even better because if a guest was leaving early, they could take the jar with them and not miss out on cake.  Not to mention it was fantastically delicious.  She made the chevron toppers as well.  They were perfect!

And of course the food table.  We went simple, with a chevron table runner & some pink decorative balls hanging from the chandelier.  The ladies in charge of food & drink did amazing!  There's so much to do in a short amount of time that it really worked better having two cover that.  We had ham sandwiches, a cheese ball, and buffalo chicken dip (my favorite!).  And a beautiful punch decorated with berries.  Seriously-- adding berries to the top just makes everything more gorgeous!  Another frame with the baby's name inside made for a great touch as well.  It's not pictured, but we used all china instead of paper plates.  My husband & I both inherited our great-grandmother's china, so we have a lot and I loved finally putting it to use!

The mom we were honoring loves coffee, so we used the Keurig & made a coffee bar with different creamers & types of coffee.  And got to use the cute china coffee cups!  The only downside was how small they were.  It would have been less wasteful if we had a pot of coffee made, since we had to use the Keurig on the smallest setting.

Overall it was a great party!  The mom of honor loved it and despite the tornado warnings & pouring rain, I think everyone had fun!

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