27 January 2014

2nd Birthday Party (& Video!)

Birthday party fun here on the blog today!  Tomorrow I'll have more about the details, but today we have a video!  A year ago when Josh picked up videography again I was a little weary.  Was he in this for the long haul or just a passing hobby?  It was quite an expensive endeavor, but I'm so glad we did it!  Now we have a great added bonus of using that equipment to document our lives.  It's a quick video- 2 minutes- just enough to give you a taste & it's full of sweetness.  Warning: You'll hear potentially the worst "Happy Birthday" singing on the planet.  The bad news: we started in a funny key.  The good news: we're well rounded & hit every key through the course of the song!  lol

And a few pictures from the party:

Our baby girl was TOTALLY exhausted.

But if there's cake to be had, who is she to say no?

Pure sweetness.  I love these two!

We've hit that age where sometimes you just turn a blind eye because, well, it is her birthday after all.  Here she is with her buddy who is 10 days younger than her-- eating as many Hershey Kisses as they can stuff in their mouths!

Ahh childhood.  It was a wonderful (& totally crazy house-packed) party.  We loved it & I think she did, too!


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