13 May 2013

The 7 Year Itch

Seven years.  Seven!  Today marks our 7th wedding anniversary and man, do I ever love that guy more & more every single day.

Ten minutes into our anniversary he asked me, "So, do you have the seven year itch?"

I laughed.  I was about to ask him the same thing.  Truth be told, I'd been thinking about it for our past two anniversaries.  It's not that I was scared, but just a little curious as to whether we'd feel that tinge.

And the answer?  Not at all.

Truth be told, I feel more attracted to him than I ever have before.  More in love.  More secure.  More like a family.  We've always been a team & we still are... but stronger.

We're definitely in a comfortable spot in our marriage.  At least once a week we'll accidentally wear matching outfits.  We come up with the same 'new' ideas at the same time.  It's great, actually.  One of us will have a wild idea and the other one is already on board.  We know what makes each other tick & try to avoid those thing.  We're not as headstrong towards each other.

Also?  We've started finding pictures of ourselves & can't remember when they were taken.  That's right... we're getting old.

We know the photobooth is in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, but we're not sure if we were married or not.  It kind of looks like Josh is wearing a wedding ring.  It was definitely a day trip.

People ask us a lot about how we do it.  What marriage is like.  How it is to come home to the same person every day for seven years.  

It's all God.  Keep God in the center, and everything else will work itself out.  And coming home to the same godly man everyday is a dream come true!

The only question Josh had for my friend when she handed him my number was, "Is she a Christian?"  When she told me that, I knew he was different.  I am so blessed to be his wife.

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