30 April 2013

Debt & Working A Job You Hate.

"Debt will make you get out of bed & go to a job tomorrow that you hate.  And the only reason you go is to pay the bills & it's not because you enjoy what you do."  -Perry Noble

True words.  Within a months of becoming debt free, I started my photography business & Josh was able to quit his job to pursue what he really wanted to do... music.

Before being debt free we were both working in jobs that didn't make hardly any money.  We were working 60+ hours a week and had practically nothing to show for it.  Extra money went straight to debt, which was fine since we didn't have any free time.  We didn't want to admit it to ourselves, but we hated our jobs.  We couldn't quit or even take a day off to interview elsewhere because we had to pay the bills.

But then... divine intervention.  We finished paying off debt.  Soon thereafter, I was let go from my job.  I was really bitter at the time (it was unjust situation), but it was the best thing ever.  I found another job through a temp agency within a week.  I was making double what I made before & working less hours!

When you have more money & no debt, your options really open up.  Even though it was just a temp job, we soon decided Josh was going to put in his 2 weeks notice.    My co-workers thought we were insane because my temp job could end at any moment.  But we didn't have fear... we had a few monthly bills, and we had been able to save enough money so that even if we were both unemployed we could survive for at least a month or two.  And in the worst case scenario, we were sure we could at least find minimum wage jobs which would cover our necessary bills.

Do you have any idea how freeing that is?  That if it all fell apart, you would have two months to find at least a minimum wage job to keep a roof over your head?

But the thing is, it didn't end there.  While Josh was working out his two week notice, he got a call from a church in Virginia.  When he was interviewing with them, I interviewed & was offered a permanent position within the company that I was a temp for, and was offered $10,000 more per year than I was already making (doing the same job).

Pretty awesome.

It doesn't mean life is always easy afterwards, but being debt free does lift a huge burden.  It takes away a lot of fear.

We got out of debt using Dave Ramsey's baby steps & the debt snowball.  All the resources are free, but we found that reading Total Money Makeover was very informative beyond what the website says, and it also had tons of inspirational stories from families who were way worse off than us & managed to get out of debt!

One final note.  If you're thinking that it's impossible to pay off debt & also give a tithe to your church... wrong.  Trust God with the money He's already trusted to you.  It makes things infinitely easier!

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