27 May 2013

Dear New Mama: It Gets Better

When Hazelnut was a few weeks old I remember thinking, "Wow, it got better."  Things weren't awesome, but I finally got a bit of a handle on this whole 'raising a baby' thing.  I remember thinking, "I need to tell every new mama this!  I can't believe it actually got better!"

So to the new mamas out there... don't worry... it gets better.

I've made a point to say that to all the new mamas about a week or so after their child is born.  When we chat & I can hear the weariness in her voice... that's when I make sure to say, "It gets better."

The sigh of relief I hear afterwards.  The "oh my goodness... thank the good Lord..." sigh.

It gets better.

And sixteen months in?  It just keeps getting better!  At first, you're just getting to a survival state.  But after that... you soar!  Yeah, it keeps getting tougher, too.  But the good keeps getting better.

You see, you're tired & totally worn out now.  But soon, he'll be rolling over.  And then crawling.  And then that glorious day when he grabs onto your leg and doesn't let go.  Man, that's a great feeling!

Yes, it gets better.  :)

1 comment:

Kate Rowan said...

Oh, I so agree. At 22 months, it feels better, and sometimes worse, all at the same time, thanks to toddlerhood. But yeah, totally better.

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