25 September 2012

8 months already?

Oh dear... it's been a month!  In the past month, Hazelnut has become an expert crawler, and about a week later, started pulling herself up to standing!  Now she is an expert at pulling herself up to stand and is in the verge of standing on her own!  Everyone says she'll be walking soon and I'm starting to believe it.  I didn't walk until I was 13 months old, so I didn't have high expectations for her, but I think she's going to beat that by a long shot.

She is in to everything these days!  We keep a gate at the entrance to the kitchen so she stays out of the dog food.  Speaking of the dog... Jigsaw isn't too fond of her playing with him so he avoids her most of the time.

Hazel is also starting to understand what "no" means.  It's pretty awesome because it means that sometimes I don't have to run over to her to get her to stop something-- sometimes she'll stop when I say "no" firmly.  Sometimes.  :)

The biggest thing that has happened this month is that I decided to stop taking the medication to increase my breastmilk supply.  I'd been taking it for 6 months and it was the only thing keeping my supply up.  So around the 8 month mark, I was about to run out of the medication, and instead of ordering more, I decided it was time to move on.  I'm still breastfeeding, but it's not nearly as much as she was getting, and I'm not pumping anymore.

Up until now, I was nursing, bottlefeeding formula & breastmilk, pumping, and feeding Hazel solid foods every day.  For now, pumping has been cut out of that equation, making life much easier!  I'm still bottlefeeding her breastmilk, as a friend graciously gave me some of hers!  It's quite a process to unfreeze it and warm it up, but that's okay-- it's worth it, and anything beats pumping!

Alright, and now for a ton of pictures.  We had a lot of fun last month!

Hazel & her boyfriend Ayden.  He is 10 days younger than her, so we enjoy getting them together to hang out!  They are hilarious together, too!

Hazel stole Ayden's sippy cup and he was not happy about it!

Our little family at Bay Days.

Playing a little dress-up...

And posing at the beach!  She loves sand, and tries to eat it!  I thought she would dislike it when she put it in her mouth, but no... she would love to eat it by the handfuls!

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