03 August 2012

Why we have a Breathable Crib Bumper.

I try to be a pretty cautious person, so before Hazelnut was born, I was thinking I'd like a Breathable Bumper for her crib.

5 months in, this happened.  Repeatedly.

So I headed out to the store and ended up with the Breathable Bumper... and I'm quite glad that I did.  Hazel loves it and take the breathable part to heart!

Also, a side note: it actually does have some cushioning to it.  It's very breathable, but also provides some protection should she decide to cream her head against the side of the crib.

After having it a month, I'm very satisfied!  The only thing is... when putting it on the crib, I had to watch a YouTube video to figure out how to do it!  The video was super helpful though, so my advice is to just start out watching the video and skip the package directions entirely!

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