04 August 2012

Breastfeeding Week!

It's Breastfeeding Week.  I made it to this week.  Truthfully, I didn't even know this week existed.  But I'm glad I'm here.

It has been a long, hard road to get here (6.5 months).  I almost gave up several times.  Once when she was about 3 months old, I remember crying my eyes out, not knowing what to do.

And I won't even talk about the first month.  When Hazel was a week old I called my boss and asked for 2 months of maternity leave instead of one.  My boss quickly agreed to it, thankfully.  The thought of going back to work when I couldn't even successfully feed my baby was too overwhelming, and I was so thankful to have that extra month.  I just remember thinking, "How am I supposed to do anything else when I can't even feed my baby?"

And this.  Pumping.  The bane of my existence, but the only way I've been able to breastfeed.  I remember being in the hospital trying to figure out how to put the parts together, fumbling around with it all.  But if it weren't for pumping, I wouldn't have a supply at all.  And although my supply is very small, it is still here, and it is still nourishing Hazel.

My first goal was 6 months.  I made it!  I also almost quit at that point.  My medicine (which doubles my supply) ran out right at 6 months and it takes 3 weeks minimum for it to be delivered, so I knew that by the time I had it delivered, my supply would be pretty much gone.  But then a friend sent me the extras she had... and I can't even describe what a blessing that was!

So between the ones she gave me and the ones I ordered, I should be good for another 3 months or so.  I'm thinking that at that point, it may be time to end.  We'll see-- I may change my mind and push on towards Hazelnut's first birthday!

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