21 July 2012

6 months flew by!

I wrote a really awesome, long post about where Hazel & I are at now that she's 6 months old.  But something happened and I lost the whole thing.  :(  Womp womp.  So here are the highlights.

-We're finally in a good groove.
-She's starting solids.  We're making the baby food ourselves- mostly organic- and it's great!
-I'm still breastfeeding.
-She's adorable.
-She's really cute.
-She's really sweet.
-Did I mention she's adorable?
-I still have a lot of weight to lose.  Other than that I'm back to my old self again.  Something I definitely couldn't have said before.
-I'm researching each & every one of the vaccines that is suggested to give her.  Long.  Exhausting.  But the health of my child is worth it.
-She's sleeping in her own crib now.
-She's a cutie pie!

Yup... that's about it!

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