04 February 2012

2 weeks.

A lot has happened in another week!  I've contemplated updating more about our Hazelnut, but I figure I have two choices: spend time documenting everything, or spend time enjoying everything.  I chose the latter of the two.  Life is too short, and she's not going to be this little for long, so I need to enjoy it!

Last Saturday, on her one week birthday, we made a visit to the ER.  The lactation consultant (LC) showed concern for the little amount she was eating, and the long amount she was sleeping, and asked if she was at a risk for group B strep.  She was!  I had it during pregnancy, and although I had antibiotics during labor, there's still a tiny possibility that it could have passed on to her.  After calling our doctor's on-call service, they suggested we go to the ER.  Despite the stuff they had to do to her there, it was actually a great experience.  The medical side really stunk, but the doctors and nurses that worked with us were amazing!  The doctor even called us the next night to make sure she was still doing well!  Who does that?

Also, Hazelnut was quite the celebrity in the ER.  I was so thankful that they got us right in, and when we normally would have had to go back to the waiting room, they put us in a separate, private waiting room because she was so tiny.  Then all the doctors & nurses kept commenting on how beautiful she was.

Let me tell you, a mom never gets tired of hearing how beautiful her child is!

Other than that she is just growing, growing, growing.  She was 7 lbs 3 oz when she was born, and lost down to 7 lbs by the time we left the hospital.  And by a week and a half, she'd already made it back up to her birth weight!  That's my little overachiever!

My mom has also been here this week, and it's been so wonderful!  She has pretty much played maid all week and although I feel really guilty about it, it's truly been such a blessing.  I've been able to focus on Hazel & her growth.  Hazel also has thrush, so I've been able to work on getting rid of that, and going to the LC to get help & guidance for breastfeeding.

LC's are wonderful!  They really have a bag full of tricks to help you breastfeed & troubleshoot when things aren't going well.  Without them, I would be a hot mess... well, a bigger mess than I already am!

Overall, Hazel is doing fabulous now.  On Friday she started to be more awake & alert, and she's spitting up a little less than before.  Jigsaw is enjoying getting to know her, and he's pretty protective of her!  When we had Barb Spencer here for newborn pictures, I had to end up putting him in the kennel because he got so nervous!  He kept looking at Barb & looking at Hazel & looked a little distraught because he didn't know what Barb was doing.

Speaking of newborn pictures...

How amazing is that?  We told her that we wanted as girlie as possible... and I think she hit the nail on the head!  Now we are going to have to restrain ourselves from turning her images into wallpaper to cover every square inch of our apartment!

Nicknames: Hazelnut; Hazelcat.  And all the baby books said that it's a nickname proof name.  I submit that it has the best nicknames!


Sheboo said...

Absolutely A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!! I would go ahead with the wallpaper idea :) So glad she is eating well and growing strong!!

Sarah said...

Awww!! So adorable. Sorry about the scare but glad she is okay.

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