06 January 2012

Disappearing Act.

Here's what I've been doing rather than posting lately... I hope to get back to posting regularly very soon!

Getting awesome presents from great friends & family... this is an adorable owl hat for Hazel!

Packed up most of our belongings in December, then went to visit family for a week after Christmas... then came back & had even more stuff to pack!

Almost done packing...

And moving into the new place!  This was actually after we'd started putting things away... it's been busy around here!  I'm in love with the vaulted ceilings, though, and the cream colored walls (as opposed to boring white...).  Not to mention we have 400 more square feet now!

 But that doesn't mean I get a break from work!  Been plugging away at both jobs & enjoying it!

Oh yes, and there's that little detail where I'm 8.5 months pregnant.  It's getting really hard to be mobile, but with living on the 3rd floor now, I'm getting my work outs for sure!

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