12 September 2011

Mac or PC?

I feel like there's a M(a)cDonalds joke in here somewhere...

This is awesome.  Although not really true, because both Windows (from what I hear) and Mac are pretty easy to get online these days, I find it hilarious that this is the McDonald's brochure.

I'm pretty sure that somewhere,  Mac user is laughing because s/he created this monstrosity of a brochure & they decided to actually print it!

Truthfully, this reflects how I feel about PCs vs. Macs.  My days of using a PC were so much more complicated, but since getting a Mac, things have mostly been smooth sailing.  They're not for everyone, but they are for me!

So, are you a Mac or a PC?  Or do you give a care?

1 comment:

Rob said...

I own a PC but I'd like to own a Mac. They are just too expensive for us.

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