13 September 2011

21 Weeks.

21 weeks & the math nerd in me says we're officially halfway there.  Little known fact for those who have never been pregnant: you are not actually pregnant the first 2 weeks... it's just a time frame that they use to count back & give you an estimated due date.  So pregnancy is actually more like a suggested 38 weeks.

For the non math people:
38 weeks divided by 2 = 19 weeks
Since I wasn't actually pregnant the first 2 weeks, then they don't count.  So 21 weeks is my mid-way point!

Oh yes... did I not tell you I'm a total math nerd?  Too bad I don't use it more in everyday life.  I'm confident that if I had grown up where I live now, I would have become an engineer.  There just weren't many engineers where I grew up, and it wasn't anything anyone ever mentioned in school.

At any rate, our little babe is about the length of a carrot now and about 3/4 of a lb.  She's not much for kicking (at least not yet) but she does enjoy rolling around a lot!

There are certain things that Josh & I are opposites on, and we say that we'll be able to tell who she takes after easily on those things.  So far, she is taking after me with her sleep patterns.  In the morning, she must be snoozing like crazy, but come nighttime, she is rolling around like there's no tomorrow!  All I can say is, that is definitely my kid!

We're still stuck on the whole name thing.  We have a middle name picked out that we're very confident on, but a first name is still just an idea.  There were 2 we were bouncing between, then 3, and now about 5.  We hope to have a name picked out by Christmas, but even if we do, and even if we announce it, I must warn everyone... nothing is set in stone until it's on the birth certificate!

Why do I have the feeling this little girl will have one name before she's born, and a different name by the time she's released from the hospital?

This week we also bought a large canvas that I'll paint for the nursery.  I am super excited about this project!

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