09 August 2011

I think this calls for some guacamole!

Or is that really, really bad?  Our little one is the size of an avocado now.

16 beautiful weeks.

Okay, so they've been pretty full of morning sickness & exhaustion.  But I have a feeling that things are about to change.  Weeks keep flying by & I keep losing track of how far along I am.  I like that.
I'm also trying to enjoy pregnancy more.  :)  And I think it's about to get more fun!  At least, I really hope so!  I always imagined myself as a happy go-lucky pregnant lady.  That I'd have easy pregnancies and enjoy the growing little one inside of me. ....  Not so many puppies & roses in real life, unfortunately.

Everything I read says that baby is about to go through a substantial growth spurt.  The growth pattern for its hair has already begun.  Oh little one, I hope you don't have the cowlicks that I do.  S/he is starting to grow toenails & it's heart is pumping about 25 quarts of blood a day!  Is it me, or is that a lot for this little champ?

Although I haven't felt any flutters in my tummy yet from baby movement (trust me, I'm on the lookout for it!), I do feel pressure on certain areas at certain times.  I'm assuming it's our little one moving against my organs in there & causing some discomfort.  Guess I better get used to that!  It's a little uncomfortable, but it is nice to know why it feels that way.  :)

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Rob said...

Enjoy this time. It only gets more uncomfortable...so I've heard.

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