21 July 2011

Little Bites

Sometimes there are little things that crack me up, but aren't enough to make a blog post, so I've been collecting them & wanted to share a few with you from the last week.  Little bits of my life, and all of these happen to be related to the baby:


Josh: I love hearing you eat... it means our baby is getting nourishment.

Me: I'm eating Skittles, babe.

Josh: (sigh)

Me: It's like fruit.

Josh: (snort)

*To be clear, I wasn't chomping with my mouth open.  We were curled up in bed & after an obscene amount of morning sickness, I found some Skittles in my purse.*


My cat thinks vomiting is a team sport.  She seriously comes & cheers me on, which is actually kind of nice, since Josh is curled up in the fetal position on the other side of the house singing loudly so he can't hear me... because then he would be joining in on this team sport himself.


While having a conversation about finding out the sex of our baby, a convo between our friend & her 9 (?) year old daughter, Madisen, who is sooo excited about our little one & was hoping for twins!

Madisen: Do you know if it's a boy or a girl yet?

Me: Nope, a couple more months.

Her mom: What do you think it'll be, Madisen?

Madisen: Well, since you're only having one, I think it's either going to be a boy or a girl.


"I'm pretty sure you're allergic to being pregnant."  -Carlyn

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