07 July 2011

Baby, you've got swagger

So somewhere in my 15 zillion 3 trips out of state I've made in the past month, I lost my deodorant.  Actually, I lost it on the last trip.  I think.  At least, I wore it on the last trip.  Who knows, it could be in the house right now, but I can't find it.  It could be in North Carolina, or it could be in Georgia.  Either way, my armpits are raging with these pregnancy hormones, so I needed something to counteract it.  Going to the store wasn't an option (refer back to said pregnancy hormones), so I just kind of maybe a little bit started using Josh's.

Josh has said before, in no uncertain terms, that I am never ever allowed to use his deodorant.  He has a weird thing about it.  I would, too, if a friend asked for my deodorant, but c'mon... I'm pregnant with your child.  I think we're a little beyond sharing deodorant.

But being the good wife like he told me to be, I went to pick him up some new deodorant today since his is now tainted with my diseased armpit germs.  That's when I saw this glorious piece of art:

I can't accurately describe how much I wanted to buy it for him.  This is marketing at it's best.  It's pretty... and he likes Old Spice... and I want my husband to have swagger!

Unfortunately, they only had it in the solid.  I can't remember why, but I think Josh would rather use the deodorant that I've infected with my infectious diseases than use a solid deodorant.  And I'm not one to waste money, so I went with some boring "fresh air" smell instead.

I did find it online, though, in his special non-solid preferred state... and I have to say, I'm tempted to buy deodorant online!


Rob said...

Do it. Buy it that is. That is a great name for deodorant.

Cyndy said...

I will look while I am out at stores in the area. If I find it I will pick it up for you. No need to pay shipping. Is it the clear kind?

Anonymous said...

The reason is out in the stores is because its on sale and has a great coupon to go with it and can basicly get it for a 1..... however they do rainchecks when they are on sale here in bc :) what kind does he use....crystal

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