19 July 2011

13 is my lucky number...

13 is my lucky number.  This week I'm 13 weeks along.  To me, that means that this week should be the week.  The week where all the magical fun stuff happens.  Where I stop getting sick, where I start feeling better-- kind of like a human being again.

The 2nd trimester also begins, which I will refer to as The Promised Land.  I have this sinking feeling that it will be like the Promised Land in the Bible.  You know... when the Israelites expected this glorious land where everything was free & plentiful... then they got there & were totally freaked out about the giants they were going to have to conquer?

Yeah, I have a feeling that's how it's going to be for me, too.  It'll just be a new set of giants.  But for now, I will live in bliss & pretend it's going to be all gravy.

As for the size, our little one is the size of a peach these days!  And our baby has fingerprints.  That just seems substantial to me.  That's really cool.  And instead of it's head being half the size of it's body, it's not 1/3 the size-- the body is catching up!

Here's to lucky number 13!

1 comment:

Rob said...

Yay for week 13. From what I can remember this is where you need the body pillow. Monica had one and really started needing it somewhere around then.

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