01 June 2011

US Customs loves Chick-fil-A

I've only been through customs once before and something about officials dressed up and interrogating you for a few seconds totally gets me unnerved.  After our cruise, this is how our conversation with customs went.

Customs Man (CM): Passports.

(We hand over passports & he starts ruffling through all the pages.  He looks at Josh first.)

CM: Where do you work, sir?

Josh: Waters Edge Church.

CM: And what do you do there?

Josh: I'm the Worship & Production Manager.

CM: And what does that mean?

Josh: (explains his job)

-- Timeout-- I'm about to freak out at this point.  A guy had already yelled at me because I checked the time on my cell phone and that was apparently not allowed.  I hate interrogations.  My palms get sweaty and I always feel like I'm saying the wrong thing, even when I know I haven't done anything wrong. --

CM: (seems satisfied with Josh's answers & hands passport back to him, then starts thumbing through my passport) And where do you work?

Me: (babbling) I'm a photographer, and I also work at Chick-fil-A part time.

CM: Chick-fil-A?  I love that place! (I swear his whole demeanor changed) It's delicious!  What do you do there?

Me: Marketing.  :)

CM: Cool.  Well keep making great food!  Have a good day guys. (Or something like that, anyway.)

It was all I could do to not crack up on my way out of there.  He was so cold & customs-like when we first walked up and suddenly, you would have thought I'd given him a free chicken sandwich!

*Note: This blog doesn't necessarily reflect the views of Chick-fil-A or Waters Edge Church.  Or US Customs, for that matter.*


Rob said...

Funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Too funny!

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