22 June 2011

"But I call all my boyfriends Daddy."

I'm not much of a movie buff, but I saw Couples Retreat a few weeks back & I'm still quoting my favorite line from that movie.  The movie started out kind of slow, but in the end it was full of laughs & I would definitely recommend watching it!*
*Warning: This is coming from an adult perspective, I have no idea if it's appropriate for kids... but probably not.

Here's the scene: The guy on the phone is going through a mid-life crisis, just split with his wife, and is at the motorcycle dealership buying a new bike.  He's calling his friend (in the minivan) to borrow money.

What's your favorite movie quote?


Rob said...

Yippee Ki-yay Mr. Falcon. It's from the TBS version of Die Hard 2. It's the funniest overdube in the history of overdubes.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! That movie was so funny!

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