27 June 2011

5 foot metal chickens & how they become necessities in your life.

You know when you get so tickled that tears actually start to form and before you know it you're wiping tears off your face while laughing?

Yeah, me neither.

But anyway, I was reading this hee-larious blog post the other day and couldn't help but share it with you.

It's one woman's story of how she came to have a 5 foot metal chicken at her house.  A 5 foot metal chicken, you say?  Why yes, similar to this one, which currently resides at my parents house.

And because not everyone has a 5 foot metal chicken in their yard, I thought I may explain the perfectly good reason as to why they have one.  My mom actually bought it for my dad.  This one person in town had decided to sell stuff like this out of their front yard & my dad drove by it every day wanting it.  He finally stopped & asked how much and it was like $600!  He decided that that was just too much, even though he was in love with it.

He continued to ooh & ahh over it and over time, it became more of a joke than anything.  I mean, really, it's a 5 foot metal chicken, but there's something about it that makes you want need it in your yard!  I like to think of it as a very passive form of deviance (a trait I possess myself, which is why I occasionally eat ice cream for lunch-- my form of deviance.  I'm such a loser).

A few months later it was still there and my mom bought it for my dad's birthday or something for a 'deal.'  I can't remember the exact price (although it was hundreds less), but it was still more than anyone would want to pay for a 5 foot metal chicken.  But because he'd been talking about that stupid chicken for the better part of a year, it was his!

For years now it has proudly stood at the end of their driveway, welcoming anyone who dares to enter visitors.

And occasionally we'll see other family members of our dear chicken out & about.  This little guy was in Greenville, SC & made by Chicken Man Art!  With a name like that, my dad will buy a lot of items at your store.  :)

I promise my dad's not actually crazy, despite the whole 'owning a 5 foot metal chicken' thing- he's just doing a crazy face for this picture! 
So in case you're still reading this (why?) and haven't skipped over to that other blog I talked about yet, you definitely need to head over there now-- you will laugh until you cry!  Just click here.

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Rob said...

That's a big chicken.

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