12 May 2011


Ever feel like your head is completely disconnected from the rest of your body?

That's how I've been this week.  Been a little sick.

Josh is sick, too, but I think his is worse... doc said walking pneumonia.

At any rate... we've both gotta get better, and quick!  Why?

1) Our 5 year anniversary is on Friday.  As in, tomorrow!  My, where has the time gone?

2) We are going on a CRUISE in less than 2 weeks!  Oh my, is it already that close?

3) The week after the cruise, I'm headed back to NC to photograph a wedding.  It's in Historic Downtown Waynesville and the bride & groom are saving some time for picture downtown!

4) 2 1/2 weeks after that, Josh & I are both going to NC for my brother's wedding.  He's actually already married, but we (the family) didn't get a chance to celebrate it with them, so that's what this time is set aside for!

So see?  We have to get better, and quick!

What have you got up for this summer?


Rob said...

I hope you feel better soon. It has proven to be a fact in my life that Chipotle has healing powers. Let me know if you need me to bring some over for you guys.

AnniePressley said...

I'll be working at the fine eating establishment known as the Red Lobster, or as I like to call it the Robster. And attending a lot of slip 'n' Slide parties, BBQs (which will have no barbecue, but hot dogs and hamburgers), spending lots of good time with my fantastic boyfriend, attending more parties, and applying to grad school. I love summer. OH! And swimming! LOTS AND LOTS OF SWIMMING.

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